When you have an event and you're looking for something different...

Larry Friis focuses on creating a full-blown experience that leaves audiences talking about it days after your conference. If you are looking for something different this year than take a look at the effect Larry has had on audiences across the nation.

 Motivational Keynote


 Great Companies know: Employees are Customers Too

 The Way We Think About Employees is DEAD WRONG!

 Managing The Multi-Generational Workforce

 Recruiting & Retention: A 4 Step Process

From the booking process to planning and the event itself, Larry is so easy to work with. There is no extended negotiation, it is quick and easy. Larry has a message to share and it is more important than any other part of the speaking engagement. No crazy demands, just a quality, fun, engaging, and interactive presentation that audiences talk about for many days! 


Event Planners  

We have minimal needs. We carry our own computers and accessories. 

Please provide:
* A wireless lapel microphone.
* A projector and a screen.
* A handheld microphone for audiences larger than 75 people.


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